Piedrafina Slabs for Showers

Who is Piedrafina?

Piedrafina Marble is the Natural Choice to exceed expectations in any environment where marble surfacing can be utilized. Piedrafina Marble offers a variety of solutions that were once considered unthinkable. Piedrafina Marble combines nature with innovative engineering to achieve the ideal size, colors, and quality. Whether you are an architect or designer wanting to take advantage of the beauty and durability, or a homeowner aspiring for that perfect look, Piedrafina Marble will work for you. Allow Piedrafina Marble to introduce you to all the advantages that can be created through these elegant marble surfaces. Building our team here at Piedrafina was always an important component when establishing our company. We believed in understanding our customer’s problems to better assist in finding the solution. We brought in and worked with industry professionals to understand the diverse range of application that Piedrafina would be utilized in. Whether you are working on a large commercial specification or serving customers at the retail level our professionals will be here to assist you.

  • Nature

  • Innovation

  • Engineered

  • Beauty

  • Durability


Piedrafina Tub Surround

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Specialist