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About us: We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Looking for a new face for your Kitchen? Changing the look of your Bathroom?  Budget Remodeling is your solution. Working only with a few select clients at a time, we’re able to give you our full attention and stay on top of every detail of your project. Because you work directly with the contractor (Slava), there are no communication problems that may occur.
We know renovations to your home can be intrusive and we strive to keep you as comfortable as possible while work is in progress.
We follow each and every project from beginning to end, staying hands on at all times. This gives you the peace of mind that your remodeling project will be completed on time, on budget and to your complete satisfaction. We maintain a safe and clean building site.

We are licensed, insured and bonded. We are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional and friendly service. Everyone has heard those nightmare of remodeling jobs that turn out to cost many times the original estimate, or took months longer to complete than what was originally promised by the contractor. With Budget Remodeling we never increase your costs or time frames. If you are looking for a contractor who consistently builds with exceptional quality, you can count on our experience of building on time and on budget.

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